Asana (physical posture)

“Regular practice of asana maintains the physical body in an optimum condition and promotes health even in an unhealthy body.” _Hatha Yoga Pradipika

Asana is the physical postures that a yoga practice utilizes in order to bring physical balance and harmony to our body and mind.

Regular practice of a balanced program, tailored to individual needs, is recommended for maximum benefit.

Yoga asanas are postures that re-balance the body.They bring strength to the weak areas of the body;they bring softness to the tight spots.They give you a workout,with the added bonus of a work-in.Not only do they create space in the physical body,they offer a sense of psychic spaciousness.By freeing up the outer body -the physical body,the muscles,bones,tendons,ligaments,and visceral organs-asanas build and control the prana,or vital life force,of the body’s subtle energies-energies that are finer and more subtle than those of the gross body that we can see. Asanas are considered to purify and heal the body as well as those subtle energies. Hatha yoga is great do-it-yourself preventive medicine.

Yoga postures transform our way of experiencing and sensing our bodies.We develop our practice with a mindful way towards the exploration of the body ,breath, mind connection.

“Asana needs to feel Steady, and  Comfortable Posture”

Yoga is a non competitive practice and requires to have awareness to your own body and breath.The practice it is a chance to tune in to the never ending attempt of balance and equanimity. Asana practice also asks you to respect your body limits and always move towards the  steady and comfortable posture with a present breath and mind.

“Moving gently with the breath and movement is the essence   

of the asana practice.”

By systematically moving attention and breathing smoothly, the releasing of tension and effort comes easily. It is more a case of allowing than of causing the release that leads to a perfected posture.

We can transform our daily lives with a positive outlook towards our body and mind connection by simply integrating our attention to the physical awareness of the breath and movement.


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