Yoga Poses to balance body and mind

Yoga poses give you a chance to access the spiritual through the physical. This process of internal awakening makes it possible for dedicated practitioners to excavate layers of themselves.Each physical pose presents an opportunity to heal the body and train the mind;through practice the yogis develop a more deeply attuned way of leaving,being,acting.

Yoga is a sanctuary where you learn to listen to your body.Like a holiday from the limiting and often negative thoughts that run on autopilot at the back of your mind,the focused stillness of yoga opens a space for you to appreciate the true nature of your mind. When your capacity to listen is at its greatest and most refined,you can listen directly to your soul and seek constant guidance.


Paying careful attention to and sensing to the inner body allows yoga practitioners a daily opportunity for reflection.By regularly tuning in to this internal level,yogis become increasingly aware of the alignment or misalignment of their actions in daily life.The body’s wisdom lies in its pervasive truthfulness,and the yogi’s wisdom lies in the willingness to listen to the body’s sometimes superior sense of itself.It clearly reveals its physical and spiritual story. Through years of dedicated practice, students of yoga learn to distinguish true inner messages from fanciful whims and desires.We learn to walk a delicate tightrope between healthy guidance and the destructive old habits that are hard to change.

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