Yoga Revolution

“New year’s Revolution for my yoga journey is to breath to my new beginnings and surrender to life”

A new year has arrived and we want to take the chances to shine and cherish life with love,health,balance,creativity and work towards our most heart full desires.

I am aware that new beginnings are fascinating but sometimes we get trapped in the reality vs fantasy. The trick is to truly surrender and enjoy the journey .

Set the goals of your most heart-full desires and wishes and take everyday small steps towards your goals (one breath at a time – one step at a time). Concentrate on the positive and ignore any negative self talk or anything that might disturb you from your positive mindset .

Be open to possibilities and doors that open to you as well to accept any struggles on the pathway – is part of the journey and who said that we need a smooth surface to build and work for our dreams. 🙂

Work hard for your dreams and find time to reflect and enjoy the fruits of your efforts.

Enjoy a magic and full of love 2017 journey ♥

Cecilia xxx


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