Sun Salutation A & B


Sun Salutation A & B

Where it all begins..

This Initial series of poses known as surya namaskara (sun salutation) provides an opening into the heart of yoga’s physical and spiritual lineage.On a physical level,these movements seek to ignite the inner fire of purification (agni).When agni is kindled ,the pose and breath combine to cleanse the body of toxins and the mind of unhealthy thoughts.Only when the inner fire is lit does yoga really work its tranformative magic. Performing a surya namaskara is meant to stimulate the cardiovascular system,warm up the muscles and joints,and direct the mind’s focus inward.

There are two variations of the surya namaskara in the ashtanga yoga tradition: surya namaskara A and surya namaskara B. The A series is easier than the B series, and when taken together,five rounds each can be considered a full yoga practice.Tradiitional Hatha Yoga practice recommends the practice of surya namaskar either before the dawn or as close to sunrise as possible while facing east.

Repeat the series A & B  for 5 rounds each and experience the immediate benefits for your body and mind. When you finish you can rest for shavasana for 10 minutes to absorb the benefits of the practice.

Enjoy Xxxx


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